You’re on both teams!

We love this advice by Houston improviser Robert Price. You are on both teams! Though our show isn’t a competitive format, we think you can take the advice to heart in two-person scenes too! Even if characters are in conflict, the actors are always there to support each other. Limitations are your playground! When we first started a two-person format, we learned to love the challenge that came from having just two people. Though a more full-sized team creates different type of opportunity, transforming improvisational techniques into tea for two has become a great joy for us. . You have something to learn from every person you meet! This is so important to us. Each show has a different makeup of players from all walks of life, language and experience level. And it’s the best! It’s why improvisation can never get boring. Each new combination of humans has its own unique potential to make something amazing come to life on stage. Bonus, he ends with a Shakespeare quote. There are more gems. Read the whole thing.

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