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Company Show Frankfurt
Corporate Improvisation Show at the European Central Bank

We do corporate improvisation gigs, as well as training for businesses, schools and other organisations. Maybe we’re what you’re looking for. Email us at info@rebelchicken.de for more information.

You can also learn more about us here:

tlsfrankfurt.com – Rene and Abigail co-founded and lead a non-profit English Theatre in Frankfurt called Theatre Language Studio

abigailpaul.com – Abigail’s personal portfolio website about business training in Frankfurt and resources for improvisers and coaches

Looking for more information on using improvisation for business? Visit improvisationworks.com. We can help you out with your training needs, too.

Some of most popular workshops for international teams in Frankfurt include:

Cross Cultural Awareness

Peoples from different cultures see, interpret, and evaluate things differently, and therefore act upon them differently. In this dynamic, improvisation-based seminar, we learn to recognise that all behaviours make sense through the eyes of the person behaving. This training allows us to stand back from ourselves and gain power over our perceptions and reactions, creating an in-depth self-awareness that is at the helm of cross-cultural awareness.

Team Building Training

Our team building training helps people to improve teams by building trust, helping teams cooperate by suspending individual judgment and ego, and making a commitment to active listening. Participants learn to respond immediately and inventively to each other and their environment, with a heightened form of communication that builds slowly from simple exercises and enjoyable gamed. Improvisation theory employs the principle of “yes-anding,” where individuals accept an offer that is made and then build on it, contributing something new to the scene. People on the team learn to take risks and work together to build up something together.

Creativity Training

In life, we learn to meet the unexpected with hesitation. Our natural instinct is to repel the outsider, to reject unorthodoxy and to repulse unexpected ideas. Improvisation theory teaches us to welcome the unknown and to turn it to our advantage. We learn not to reject any notions that at first seem unusual, but to go with ideas, build on them, and then pass them on. We learn to expect the unexpected and love it. Organisations that are truly innovative develop a culture where new ideas are welcomed, and even seemingly crazy ideas are not rejected. Our training can help to overturn the culture in your business to ignite creativity in entirely new ways. Our creativity training free individuals and teams to move into an organic flow and find new ways of being creative.

Some of our previous business clients include:

European Central Bank
Economic Development Board of Singapore
Insight Europe
Goethe University Frankfurt
University of Reutlingen
University of Giessen
English Language Teachers’ Association of Frankfurt (ELTAF)
Ithacus College (Netherlands)
ETAS Teacher Development (Switzerland)

as well as many other international schools and small businesses in Frankfurt am Main.