Christian Cappozzoli review


The rebel chicks got busy in an inspiring workshop with Christian Cappozzoli in Hamburg this weekend. What an amazing instructor Christian is. A good teacher teaches you how to be good at improvisation on stage. A great teacher, like Christian, teaches you how to bring the work offstage with you as you exit. What are the best parts of improv, anyway?  A strong sense of self, coupled with a heightened understanding of listening, an openness to instantaneous changes in reality, paying attention to detail, using everything around you. It’s his eagerness to improve himself constantly as a teacher and performer by welcoming new viewpoints which we found especially inspiring.

Christian talks a lot in his book, which we highly recommend – The Aerodynamics of Yes, but also in his UCB longform podcast, about the Ooooo. We can’t just yes, and. We have to yes, and, and oooooooo. What’s the oooooooo? It’s the reaction! It’s being impacted by what’s being said or done. And it’s celebrating the beauty of another person’s idea by unpacking it, and getting underneath it. Christian teaches us how to be physical first, how to stop judging our choices or our partner’s choices, how to attack a scene, instead of waiting for the scenes glory to shine through. Yet there is always heart, and a realism that underlies the characters he plays and teaches his students to play. It’s amazing how easy it is to forget the ooooo, but in reminding us, he makes us all look good. We hope to see him again soon, and if you ever get a chance, take his class!