Abby on the BBC!

Abby is interviewed in this article for the BBC on the power of listening in the workplace. “The goal is that we let go of our own ego and our own ideas because a huge part of listening is that you really have to be willing to be changed by what’s being said,” cites Rhea Wessel, author. I think despite […]

You’re on both teams!

We love this advice by Houston improviser Robert Price. You are on both teams! Though our show isn’t a competitive format, we think you can take the advice to heart in two-person scenes too! Even if characters are in conflict, the actors are always there to support each other. Limitations are your playground! When we first started a two-person format, […]

Christian Cappozzoli review


The rebel chicks got busy in an inspiring workshop with Christian Cappozzoli in Hamburg this weekend. What an amazing instructor Christian is. A good teacher teaches you how to be good at improvisation on stage. A great teacher, like Christian, teaches you how to bring the work offstage with you as you exit. What are the best parts of improv, […]

comedy improvisation Frankfurt

Love your scene partner!

We teach so often, and one of the number one things you notice about newbies versus more experienced improvisers is the tendency to be negative, flight, and make stuff up. OK, the making stuff up part is necessary to an extent, but it’s the approach that matters. Did we make it up based on what was already happening onstage, on […]

Great advice from The Improv Coach

We try to post things here that resonate with us as performers, and this is such an oft-repeated pattern in improv scenes: Justify, Don’t Blame by David Barton Harris. Beware of language that blames your scene partner or assumes a reality that implies they are incompetent.   You know I don’t like it when you mow the lawn at […]

Improv Tool Kit

We enjoyed the Improv Tool Kit on Reddit, and thought we’d share it with our improvisation friends in Frankfurt. Improv tool kit Straight manning – Asking the kind of fair questions the audience might be thinking. Calling it out – To represent the point of the straight to mark behavior as unusual. Justifying – To provide a relatable reason for […]

Rebel Chicken at Circus + BYOT night

Forming your own group with like-minded people is the best way to get some performance experience so we’ve created the Bring Your Own Team night. How to form your own team: Get together with friends, fellow students, or anyone you have been wanting to try longform improv with. Create a team (with a name and everything). Rehearse (if you want […]


One great improviser said you need to do three things to get better at improv: 1) Take classes 2) Watch shows 3) Practice. We have compiled a list of some of our favourite inspiration videos for you: Heather and Miles – They won the UCB Cagematch an unprecedented 50 times, thanks to an incredible chemistry, and characters and commitment. The […]

Improv Podcasts

Our favourite improv podcasts Improv Resource Center – this podcat focuses on exercises and techniques groups can use to improve their improv, with veteran host Kevin Mullaney. Recently revamped! Improv Nerd – (neurotic) host and longtime improviser Jimmy Carrane gets all the top name people to talk about their work and then improvises with them for about 10-15 minutes. As […]


Rene and Abby headed to the famous musician town Bremen to study some more improv with the talented folks from improv Olympic Chicago.  Rene performed an Armando with a mixed international ensemble, which Abby almost missed due to getting lost. This is one of her main talents in life. Rene is good at reading maps. This is why they make […]

Great article – 10 tips for long form

by Susan Messing and Jimmy Carrane We agree with all of these! Especially point ten you always have something. Being a great improviser is realising how much you already have instead of feeling pressure to create something. As Michel Gellman at Second City tries to drive home, don’t write! React. Enjoy these great tips!