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Rene and Abby are improvisers. They love it. A lot.



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A two-woman comedy improvisation duo. Abby and Rene hail from different parts of the USA (Florida and NY respectively) but met in Frankfurt, Germany where they both live, making art and theatre projects, as well as training others. They have been performing comedy improvisation since 2009 together, and in January 2015, they began a dedicated show in Frankfurt’s city Center at the Circus on Bleichstrasse.

What is long form comedy improvisation?

Improvisation is theatre that is being made up on the spot, with no previous knowledge of what the characters or dialogue will be. Long form improvisation refers to improvisation where the scenes are related to each other. Sometimes there is a full coherent story, sometimes the scenes only have a minimal relationship to each other. In contrast to short form, where many suggestions are given throughout a show, long form improvisation comedy usually starts with one suggestion, and can last from 30 to sixty minutes without further interruption or input from the audience.

Photos by Kate Miller Photo.